Lake Irwin, Crested Butte, Colorado

Lake Irwin is gorgeous and just the right distance from Crested Butte.  We enjoyed great camping and the perks of being able to drive into town for fancy food and the Montanya Distillery for rum cocktails.

The campground was busy but quiet and the kids loved playing on the lake.  MQ did lots of exploring with his grandparents and was introduced to s’mores by his cousin.

Mint Oreo cookie stuffed with roasted marshmallow. Yum!

Floating away under a blue bird sky. Bye bye Dada!

The view from our tent. *sigh

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Animas River, Durango, Colorado

MQ’s first rafting trip!  We spent a day on the river with friends and family and MQ loved every second of it.  This was our summer to test out water sport because Matt wanted to buy a boat (and he did!).


Memorial Day 2016 from Matt Brandt on Vimeo.

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Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico

We love camping in Chaco!  It is about a 2 hour drive from home and usually a little warmer than our neck of the woods so it is a great spring or fall camping trip.  It is truly a magnificent area and culturally rich with many ruins and a great visitors center.

This was MQ’s first time and he loved it, rain and all!  He spent hours digging in the sand, hiked on his own up to the mesa (the trail to the Pueblo Alto Complex), and saw his first desert mouse snacking on crumbs at the campsite.

This kid loves to hike!

Looking down on Pueblo Bonito.

The biggest and best pile of sand, ever! Right next to our campsite.

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