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Holy Cross Wilderness, Colorado

Posted by on September 9, 2009

After our ceremony in June 2009 we packed up and moved to Boulder where Matt had landed a job.  Our regular camping trips to the desert weren’t as feasible since the drive to get there was now eight or nine hours instead of the blissful two hours we were used to.  In the spirit of discovery, we set out to find new camping areas and one of our few camping trips in Colorado was in the Holy Cross Wilderness.

A beautiful area full of hunters and people with chainsaws.  It is difficult to find solitary campgrounds or camping areas anywhere near the Denver area because many, many, many people flee the city each weekend to enjoy the great outdoors.  We made the best of the trip enjoying a campfire, rum, and marshmallows!

"I am man. Make fire. Grrrr."

Enjoying the fire!












Some of our new gear - woot!

My hiking face


Only fun is allowed while hiking!











Camping rocks!

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