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Posted by on May 15, 2013

Greetings Faithful Followers!

We have another update on the bun-baking that we have going on here at the House of Brandt.

As many of you know, I’ve been feeling less than glorious even after I turned the supposed energy-will-return-food-craving-miracle corner into the 2nd Trimester.  Well that moment came and went, and I still had the just-in-case bowl by the side of the bed because nausea was my best friend.  There were times when Matt had to sleep on the couch because one tiny movement of the bed felt like I was in an epic storm at sea in a tiny dingy. (Poor Matt because we don’t have a full size couch, we have a loveseat!)

Here’s a clip from the movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting that makes me laugh and certainly explains why I’m not glowing:


Happily, we had a great doctors visit on Monday where I felt like a doctor actually listened to me, for the first time, about feeling horrible!  Dr. Shin let us know that my weight loss was not medically concerning (I’ve lost 7 pounds since week 5) and that based on my symptoms I have a lovely case of heartburn.  She recommended that I try Zantac


and I’m happy to say that I AM BACK!

It’s amazing how much energy I have when I’m not spending all day trying to eat and keep food in my stomach!  On Tuesday I drove to Oakland for dinner with my dear friend, Dawn, and then facilitated a 3-hour training to Talkline advocates at Exhale!  Then I woke up this morning and with the help of my awesome mom, we found a place to rent in Durango!

Other news on Baby Bean, who is currently the size of a large avocado, is that we heard the heart beat on Monday and all is well.  No pictures this time but we’ll have a full on sonogram in a month where they’ll measure everything and tells us the gender of Baby Bean.

I’m happy that Baby Bean is thriving but I’m a little over-the-top about how much better I feel and am looking forward to more activity, more food that doesn’t hurt, and more Starbuck’s sugar extravaganza coffee madness (in small portions, of course)!

Thanks for all the support, cheerleading, advice, kind words, and patience!


Erin, Matt, Stella (meow!), and Baby Bean

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