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Greetings Faithful Followers! We have another update on the bun-baking that we have going on here at the House of Brandt. As many of you know, I’ve been feeling less than glorious even after I turned the supposed energy-will-return-food-craving-miracle corner into the 2nd Trimester.  Well that moment came and went, and I still had the … Continue reading »

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Egg Before Chick!

Hellooooooo!! So we have all this excitement about having a baby and then we are reminded that we have a ways to go and I’m very much pregnant.  Do you know what pregnancy entails?  Some of you do and some of you are running for the hills because hearing anymore might be TMI (too much … Continue reading »

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The Great Baby Adventure

We are excited to announce that we are pregnant!  Our due date is October 29th and we’ll be posting updates here so folks can choose to follow along or not. 🙂 We’ve included all the updates from when we first found out until the most recent happenings with Baby Brandt in this post and we’ll … Continue reading »

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