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A Bump & Adventures in Shopping

Posted by on June 11, 2013
Bump2We are halfway there!

20 weeks in and the Baby Bean is as long as a banana – from the head to the toes!  I have a nice bump going and am slowly gaining back the pounds I lost in the first trimester.  My appetite is definitely back and I crave random things that someone mentions or I see in a commercial; although nothing too strange.  I am happily taking meds for the heartburn/sour stomach and still can’t believe how much better I feel!


Matt is excited about the bump and just bought a new camera so that he can start to be my paparazzi.  We managed to agree on a couple of pictures that I liked enough to share with the world. I apparently tend to make faces when Matt takes pictures.  Me a goofball, never!


This is also our last month in California (me/sad face) and we are working hard to get ourselves relocated back to Durango!  We’ve found a lovely apartment with a room for Matt to transform into an office and plenty of stairs for Stella to race up and down.  I’m really looking forward to nesting and creating a baby space since we’ve only bought one baby item – a BOB stroller, which is still in the box.

I’ve also been slowly adding to my maternity wardrobe and even bought myself a Snoogle.  No, it is not something I wear but the best pillow EVER!  I wasn’t sleeping very well and juggle multiple pillows wasn’t helping.  So I jumped on the oh-so helpful Internets and found the Snoogle.  It looks kind of like a giant candy cane with a curve in the bottom and I’m sleeping like a…wait for it…like a baby!  What really sold me on it was this review on Amazon:  4.0 out of 5 stars Great product for you pregnant women October 10, 2010

By KBell  

Because I am a thoughtful, awesome husband, I purchased this as a gift for my pregnant wife in the hopes of a fun sex-reward payoff. No, I’m kidding (but really I’m not). While I won’t tell you what I received in return, I will offer a review of this product:First off, you probably already realize this, but this is an expensive pillow. It was hard to justify whether a pillow & spare case was worth the $$, but can you really put a price tag on a good night sleep? (Side note – Guys, I don’t know about you, but if she sleeps well, I sleep well) Having said this, I still believe it’s overpriced, but I’ve wasted more money on less. Get over it.Second, my wife loves this pillow. She is about to begin her third trimester and sleep has been an issue since ~week 17. This pillow comfortably cradles all her changing lady parts and offers a wide variety of configurations depending on her needs. While she mainly uses it for sleep, we both agree it will work perfectly during breastfeeding and I know she will bring it to the hospital for delivery. An insert in the packaging offers many other ideas for alternative uses.Third, changing the case is a legitimate pain in the ass. My wife refuses to deal with it, so I am left with the duty because I’ve learned not to argue with a pregnant woman. It doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it pisses her off, but it still sucks. They should make a case with a zipper and be done with it. (For what it’s worth, the reasons I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of ridiculous price and the case)Fourth, I’m already envisioning some unique “extracurricular” uses for this pillow, but we haven’t tried anything yet. I’d say I’d keep you posted, but that would be a lie. Use your imagination, you pervert.In summary, this is a decent buy. Trust me, because I rarely waste this much time writing a review. If you’re a guy reading this, sack up and do something nice for your girl. She’s taking a serious one for the team right now – you owe it to her.


This guy cracks me up!  Matt, of course, is more fabulous and fully supports my purchases, even if it is something that takes up a big chunk of the bed and replaces him as snuggler.

So with only one month left, Matt is cramming in lots of outdoor activities like completing the Downieville Downhill (a fun weekend away mountain biking) and maybe some rock climbing in Tahoe.  I’m trying to squeeze in some beach trips and soaking up as many California sunny days and beautiful flowers!  But we are both eagerly awaiting the move!

We are most looking forward to seeing family and friends!  By the time we get to Durango we’ll be meeting our newest niece, who is due any day now!!

Next week we’ll have our update on the sex of the baby, which means I’ll be posting two weeks in a row – holy baby hippos!

Until then, happy days to all!

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