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It’s a…

Posted by on June 17, 2013

…baby hippo!


Today was our Anatomy Ultrasound where they measure all the many growing parts of our baby and also, when we found out what sexual anatomy our baby is developing!  We have to wait until our doctor views the ultrasound pics before we find out how our baby is growing.

We wanted to take a moment and share with y’all our thoughts about the sex of the baby versus the gender of the baby.  In about 19 weeks we’ll get to see the physical sex of our baby but that doesn’t mean we’ll know what the gender is.  We will support our baby in loving, nurturing ways (as we know our village of family & friends will too) and if our baby grows into a kid, teenager, adult and feels best represented by the gender opposite their genitals or somewhere in-between, then groovy!

Erin could spend lots of time talking about this topic – loves to, as a matter of fact – so if you want to know more, email or call! 😀

Ok, we won’t keep you in suspense any longer!  We are growing a baby boy!

No, we haven’t picked out a name, yet, but we are currently calling the fetus, Conrad the Conqueror.  Conrad the Conqueror is very active and within the last week and a half we’ve been able to feel kicking and bouncing about in Erin’s growing belly!

Bursting with love and smiles,


P.S. If you are feeling a strong urge to start buying or making boy related baby things, we encourage shopping/creating as if you didn’t know if it is a boy or girl – think gender neutral.  If it helps the bedding for the crib has elephants and is blue, brown and cream.

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